How I work

My training is Integrative-relational. This means that I draw from a range of theories and approaches to support my work. It also means that I believe that it is the relationship between you and me that is the most important thing in helping you to find your way through the difficulties you may be experiencing. 

I specialise in Bereavement and Loss. This includes the following:

 - The passing of a loved one

 - Divorce and separation

 - The loss of a significant relationship

 - A sense of displacement experienced after a significant move

 - Redundancy

 - Retirement

 - Children leaving home

 - Entering a new life stage

 - Issues of identity - who am I now since this has happened?

 - Loss of pregnancy

 - Low mood and low self-esteem

 - Anxiety                          


Each counselling session costs £50, a discounted rate can be discussed if you are a student, on low-income or unemployed.

Our first session would be an assessment session for which you would pay £25. At this initial session, we would be to exploring whether there is a good rapport between us and if you feel comfortable working with me as we  start out on this journey together.